All kind of Drawings & Local Authorities Permissions

For any project one major task is to prepare detailed construction drawings once the design phase is completed which involves a great deal
of time and resources. Clients can take advantage of our Construction Drawing service to cut cost and project submission time considerably.
After the design phase is completed and approved by the owner, we can prepare detailed architectural
and construction drawings, ready to use by any professional builders team and, what is also very important, ready to submit for getting Local
Authorities permissions.

Local Authorities permission
If you wish to build a house or modify existing one, in most cases you must obtain permission from local authority before you can start construction.
Often local laws and community regulations requires that you need permission for virtually every significant development. It is important to be
aware from the start therefore, that if you fail to obtain planning permission where it is required, you may run the risk of penalties which can
carry very heavy fines, construction can be stopped at any time, new buildings can be demolated.

We can help to get Or Bor Tor issued Building Permit License, Construction License, Building Alteration License or Tearing Down Building License.
As well as Permit letters from project management companies.